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Photocopier in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The photocopier that appears in your dreams announces that you will blindly follow the paths of a man or copy his movements. However, do not be under the illusion that you are able to achieve anything you want without the help and support of friends and loved ones. The dream of a photocopier is also a warning that your imitation can be quickly caught and misinterpreted by others. The translation from the dream book is clear, because a photocopier in a negative sense is a sign that someone will impersonate your achievements and perhaps even claim your personal merits.

The basic importance of dream about a photocopier:

    The view of copier can also serve as a reminder of a large amount of work ahead of you.
    When you use a copier, it's a sign that overusing to copy everything others do will eventually make you lose your identity and become a completely different person. It can also cause conflicts in your own environment.
    If you see others using the copier, then it means that you will become jealous of other people's lives, and it is possible that you will be making scenes for little reason. The dream book also augurs the disturbance of interpersonal contacts with one's own environment.
    A broken photocopier tells you in your dreams that you will find that your relationships with certain people are only an illusion, so it's high time to draw the appropriate conclusions. Such a dream can also portend problems of a legal nature.
    Fixing a photocopier in dreams portends successful ventures and transactions that will become tears in other people's eyes.
    When you dream that you are spoiling a photocopier, it means that your belligerent attitude will only contribute to your personal failure.
    The dream of a photocopier warns the dreamer to protect his privacy and property because he may inadvertently come across a dishonest person who deceives him.

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