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Order in dreams is a harbinger of mutual integration, an omen of upcoming changes and life perturbations. Depending on the type of order appearing in a dream, we can interpret it in different ways.

What does it mean to dream about ORDER?

The political order is a sign of fear of the unknown and an expression of fear for your own future, it is also a sign of life's doubts, dilemmas, including love and personal problems. The world in which you will live will present you with many difficult challenges that will start to arouse your terror and terror, it will be better for you if you put your fears aside for a moment and start functioning in a new, changed form as soon as possible.

Social order is a sign of life subordinated to the current norms and principles, both in private and professional life. One person seems to have a dominant influence on your life and is not going to give it up for a moment. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to change anything until you put your close advisers away from you.

The international order shows the anxieties that constantly preoccupy the dreamer's despondent mind. Perhaps, due to the current situation in the world, you are more and more worried about your own existence and future. The message that flows from this dream can also be interpreted as a fear of the upcoming changes.

A shaky order is a sign that you cannot come to terms with the fact that you have no control over your own life and the key causative factor for you. You are afraid of your own future and the times to come. Only a positive attitude to life and to the upcoming changes can save you from the oppression in which you are stuck, because everything else will lose its meaning for good.

If someone introduces a new order in your dream, it is usually an announcement that your life will be irretrievably turned upside down. Fortunately for you, good friends will help you find yourself in it again.

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