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    The appearance of a nurse in a dream indicates a desire to obtain care and happiness that will ease the hardships of everyday life. Sometimes a dream indicates that we are too worried about our own health.
    be a nurse - show compassion or be faithful to someone
    to see her - it takes a little more time to heal someone situation
    be in her care - you need to be more careful about trusting other people
    seeing a nurse working in a hospital - you will free yourself from disturbing burdens
    see a few nurses - you will get involved in a higher cause
    see her during the round - you will meet a man who will turn out to be very valuable
    giving the injection - you will slowly accept the changes taking place in your life
    be afraid of the injection performed by the nurse - even if you do it reluctantly and have many doubts, you should be grateful for any help
    in a bloody apron - despite your sincere intentions efforts will be insufficient for others.

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