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    Narcissus in a dream means the end of winter and foreshadows the arrival of spring. It symbolizes vanity, infidelity and divine love. It is a sign of hidden hopes, joy and contentment, but also self-enthusiasm and material gains. Perhaps you are too selfish at times, but you should also think about others from time to time.
    If you dream that you are seeing a narcissist, it is a sign that you will finally gain wealth and freedom and that new opportunities will appear in your life.
    Brightly colored narcissus is a sign of unrequited love and even death.
    The dream of buying narcissists shows that you are still behaving towards your surroundings as if you were the navel of the world. But remember that falling into self-love can turn out to be a path aimlessly.
    A bouquet of narcissists portends in a dream prosperity and success in love and in business. Happiness will be favorable to you in all spheres of life.
    If you plant narcissus in your dream, it is a sign that you will attract a longtime suitor.
    Breaking up narcissists in your dream is a sign that you are still in someone else shadow and that you are still getting the attention of others.
    When you dream that you are seeing narcissists growing in your garden, your future will be colorful no matter what choices you make.
    If in a dream you give someone a narcissist you can expect infidelity from your partner, so be careful who you trust, because you can really make a mistake in life.
    When you get a narcissist in a dream, you can expect that you win in a certain field, you only need to believe in your own strength and abilities.
    A wilted narcissus foreshadows a return to a better path that we should follow, no matter what we hear about it.
    A dream about a narcissist very often exposes the dreamer's narcissistic approach to life, testifies to self-centeredness and the inability to tolerate the opinions of others and recognize them as important. Perhaps something will happen in the end that will make you respect other people who want the best for you but do not necessarily agree with you on everything.

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