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Mortar pestle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The appearance of a mortar pestle symbolizes indecision. It is possible that you are facing an important decision and are unable to make it for some reason. You do not want to give up anything, but you know that no matter what decision you make, you will be forced to part with something irrevocably. Alternatively, a dream about a mortar means that you have fallen in love with the wrong person.

Dream of Mortar pestle meanings and interpretation

Crushing something in a mortar pestle announces a visit from a long-lost person. It is possible that this meeting will be about a person from your childhood, with whom you have long lost contact.

Buying a mortar pestle in your dream means that you are ready to take on new challenges. You had an extremely turbulent period ahead of you, which caused you a lot of worries and difficulties. However, you have put it behind you and now you can only focus on new ventures.

Selling a mortar pestle in a dream symbolizes disappointment. You probably had some big plans, or tied your future to a certain person or job. However, for some reason nothing came of it and your plans fell like a house of cards.

When you got a mortar pestle from someone, the dream reflects your stubborn nature. Often other people think you are arrogant and inaccessible. Such behavior closes various doors for you.

When in a dream you get a mortar pestle as a gift, it usually means that you will soon make an interesting acquaintance. You will meet a person with whom you will share interests and worldview.

When the mortar pestle is damaged in some way, such a dream foretells that you will be cheated. Perhaps someone will sell you a damaged item, or you will sign an unfavorable contract. In the near future you should be very careful when taking any action, otherwise you may suffer serious losses.

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