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    A mirror in a dream is a symbol of thoughts about oneself and the possibility of perceiving oneself in such categories that others would have a positive opinion of us.
    see - you will draw conclusions about your own behavior; maybe soon you will get to know yourself better
    see your own reflection in the mirror - you will notice your mistake
    see in the photo - you feel that someone is controlling or criticizing you, alternatively a dream means that you do not want to express your real emotions or feelings
    see in in the mirror an unknown figure - someone will want to hurt you
    see animals in the mirror - you will suffer financial losses
    break or see broken - give someone your life instructions
    dusty - many unpleasant days ahead of you
    colorful - you want to change your old one image and in os In the end, you'll be good at it
    to see a broken or broken frame - put an end to your old habits or unfinished activities
    fogged - the lack of a goal in life will result in a reduction in income and earnings
    review yourself in it - you will question someone else's opinion
    pocket mirror - someone will lie to you
    clean them - you will hint at someone
    blind mirror - you have a high opinion of yourself and do not allow no criticism, but someone will bring you down to earth
    buy - you will get good news.

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