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    Milk in a dream symbolizes balance, cleansing and self-improvement; it often reflects a desire to solve a problem that bothers us. It is also a sexual symbol. the advent of positive changes in life. You now have the opportunity to let go of negative thoughts and solve your unfinished business.
    see milk - sleep means maternal instinct and love and human kindness and compassion; sleep is also a symbol of joy and satisfaction with life
    pure milk - a good harbinger of happiness and prosperity
    soiled milk - there will be bad luck and misfortune in your life
    spill them - you risk losing faith in your own abilities or losing confidence in the person you like
    milk the milk - your actions will be successful
    drink milk - you will strengthen your bonds and relations with your own environment
    spoiled, sour - someone will significantly disappoint your trust
    spilled or bubbling milk - you will worry about something unnecessarily for no reason
    curdled milk - failures and worries
    goat's milk - you will be dealing with a man who likes to lecture everyone, but eventually you will find a common language with him
    hot - symbolizes comfort and peace in the near future
    feed your baby with milk - for young women sleep means motherhood, for older women financial recovery
    milk leakage, milk splashes - you will be overwhelmed with enthusiasm or thirst being a mother
    bathe in milk - a symbol of strong relationships and constant friendships; alternatively sleep means you need to rest.

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