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    Metamorphosis usually means internal transformation and is a symbol of rebirth. You try to hide your greatest secrets from the world, but you know that there are people living nearby who also know them. The experience of metamorphosis foreshadows profound changes that will make you trust your neighbors more.Until you regain the energy you lost earlier, you will not feel like going boldly through life with a smile on your face. or professional or personal problems that make a person choose a different path in life than the one he has been following for a long time. Throughout our lives we experience many different metamorphoses that contribute to numerous changes in our behavior and cause many vicissitudes. to accurately determine whether the metamorphosis we had the opportunity to experience in a dream was bad or positive.
    survive the finish line morphosis - you will find the meaning of life in simple activities, many things will give you joy now and your inner psyche will improve significantly
    if metamorphosis occurs in someone - you will appreciate someone's efforts that have not made a big impression on you so far.
    metamorphosis in appearance or in clothes - an announcement of far-reaching changes that will go hand in hand with the change of the environment
    failed metamorphosis - you will follow the crowd and end up badly out of it.

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