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Masquerade party

    The dream of a masquerade party shows that the time has come to face your own reality and stop hiding unnecessarily behind an artificial facade. The masquerade is a symbol of refuge, deception and camouflage. Dream is also a message to appreciate your own life in time and accept the truth about yourself as it is.
    when you see him, you will become overly indulged in sinful activities and foolish activities
    if you are at a costume party - the dream suggests that you will start to avoid the requirements that real life will place in front of you
    when you organize it, you will cheat your longtime supporter who has been unconditionally honest with you until now
    if a woman dreams of him, it means that a man is not honest with you or looks askance at your successes and achievements
    in a man's dream - it portends meeting an extremely charming and mysterious woman
    if people take off their masks - it is a sign that you will be able to expose your enemies' plans or that you will admit to deeds that you are ashamed
    when everyone laughs at it - then you can expect a certain group of people to mock you and mock your attitudes
    when everyone is sad about it - you will discover who the people who surround you really are.

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