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A marten dream is a warning against theft. Be careful, someone will try to take advantage of your carelessness and rob you. Alternatively, a dream may indicate that you are running out of money to make an important purchase for you.

What does it mean to dream about Marten?

Seeing a marten in a dream is a warning not to base your decisions solely on your gut feelings. Sometimes he also spreads rumors.

When you are bitten by a marten in a dream, it means that you have let a person with bad intentions into your life. She probably wants to use you to achieve her own goals.

A runaway marten in a dream suggests that you will find a way out of a difficult situation. Probably one of your associates will not be able to follow the rules. It will be difficult for you to work with him, which will lead to a lot of friction and misunderstandings.

Catching a marten suggests that eventually your supervisor will begin to notice your virtues and the effort you put in. This will have a positive and motivating effect on you. If nothing changes, you can count on a raise or promotion in the long term.

Shooting a marten means that you will free yourself from your previous worries and worries. Sometimes you think you are living in an illusion or that the world has conspired against you. However, you cannot give up, even if everything is hard for you, and every even the smallest success is like climbing Mount Everest.

A black marten in a dream suggests that you will achieve success in a certain difficult area. Despite the prevailing crisis, you do not slow down and every day you go step by step towards achieving your next goal. Remember not to forget about a moment of rest when you are busy with duties.

A red marten indicates that someone will try to sneakily slander your good name. Probably one of your co-workers will try to slander you in the eyes of his superiors. Perhaps you are fighting for a promotion together, or you just got a kick out of him in some way.

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