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Mandarin in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The dream about mandarins most often applies to your professional and romantic life. If it is positive, usually the coming period will be favorable for you. In addition, sometimes tangerines in a dream can portend health problems, especially if you dream about eating rotten fruit.

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Dreaming of eating mandarins portends a positive period for your career. The coming time will be extremely beneficial for new ventures and business ideas. In the realm of feelings, the dream of eating mandarins foreshadows the end of a difficult period and moments full of happiness and joy will come.

When you give someone a mandarin in a dream, it may mean that you should come out of the shadows and start fighting for yours. You won't achieve anything if you don't take care of yourself. Therefore, fight for your better future, instead of hiding in the shadows.

Harvesting mandarins portends a loss. You will probably miss something that is important to you. It is possible that through your behavior you will fall out with someone you like and respect. In the near future, you should be careful and be very careful about what decisions you make.

A tangerine tree in a dream applies to both your professional and family life. If there is no fruit on the tree or the fruit is rotten, you will face a difficult period full of disappointment and sorrow. On the other hand, a tree full of fruits has the opposite meaning and foreshadows a period of joy and success.

Drinking mandarin juice is a very positive sign, heralding a period full of rich cultural and social experiences. There are many reasons to be happy in the near future. You will share moments of happiness with people you like and respect.

Sour or rotten tangerines mean that your relationship or friendship will be put to the test. In addition, sleep may also predict health problems, so it is worth getting tested.

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