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Mafia in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The mafia symbolizes personal weaknesses, it is also a sign of internal conflict and anxiety. The dream also suggests that you rethink your plans carefully and look at your goals and ways to achieve them. Perhaps you will have to change something in your life to achieve what we want more easily.
    to see - you will renew an important contact that will also serve as a cover
    deal with the mafia - you will make many enemies among your friends
    be a member of the mafia - you will have a very high opinion of yourself but luck someone will bring you down on time
    to be kidnapped by the mafia - you will neglect your daily duties
    get out of her hands - someone's sure and good deals will help you achieve your goal
    pay her - be careful, someone will keep an eye on you
    fight the maf iÄ… - a relationship with a certain person will require your immediate attention.

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