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Mackerel in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Mackerel in a dream is associated with teamwork, success and internal ambitions. It represents the dreamer's natural instincts, and is also a symbol of fertility and creativity. A dream can portend success, but also disappointment, followed by good news. Fish are usually associated with the dreamer's internal emotions, his life dilemmas and professional activity.
    Eating mackerel in a dream means that you are suffocating suppressed emotions and feelings. You can't solve your problems, which makes you feel a bit limited. Only confronting your own feelings can contribute to the overall improvement of your life situation. Sleep can also mean that you will succeed in difficult times.
    If you dream of mackerel bones, be careful not to disappoint yourself or others by admitting your plans and ambitions.
    Fishing for mackerel is a harbinger of successful events, it is a symbol of success and victory.
    Eating mackerel from a white plate is synonymous with peace, while eating mackerel from a colorful plate indicates a number of mutual relationships or projects that are a ticket to the fulfillment of your own desires.
    A shoal of mackerel in dreams is always associated with fertility, it can herald the birth of a new family member.
    The dream of smoked mackerel suggests that there will be people on the horizon who will give you valuable advice, thanks to which you will be able to start a new business or achieve a higher standard of living in the future.
    A broken or moldy mackerel in a dream portends a new beginning with new prospects for the future.
    Mackerel swimming in cloudy water is always a harbinger of impending trouble and numerous obstacles to achieving your goals.

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