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Laguna in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The lagoon in a dream symbolizes the inner world of feelings, imagination and other resources that should be learned as much as possible. Sleep emphasizes the problem of proper judgment.
    view of the lagoon - reflects the desire to rest from everyday life
    swimming in the lagoon - a sign that you will meet new people with whom you will bond for life
    big - is a harbinger of finding a way to solve your current problems
    small lagoon - means no decisive action in some respects that may end in disaster for you
    deep lagoon - a sign that someone will make your life quite confusing
    lagoon with dirty water - is a sign of unfavorable and impure thoughts that will soon take over your world
    lagoon with clean water - this is a great announcement j of the future, happiness and peace and quiet in life
    lagoon with ducks - it awaits a good future without everyday worries and worries as well as mother's care
    fishing in the lagoon - a sign that you will not use your possibilities in time, which you will regret in the future
    choppy water in the lagoon - means that your life will start to roll much faster than before
    calm lagoon - it is a harbinger of a harmonious existence and only positive events.

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