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    Knitting in a dream is a symbol of a new spirit and new opportunities. A dream portends a quiet family life full of love and peace. Thread, which we use when knitting is a symbol of creativity, while the method of using it while working represents how to use that creativity in life.
    see - if you want to be successful in life you have to follow your plan and give up the daily routine
    see the knitting thread - you will manipulate someone to get the desired effect
    knit yourself - you tend to drag out and complicate things that are actually very easy to solve
    learn to knit - the implementation of a certain complex project will require you to acquire new ones skills
    to see someone knitting - will stay soon you are involved in a situation that will require you to take quick action
    see some people knitting - someone will cheat you in the near future
    young woman knitting - the dream portends a new and loyal lover; for women, a dream can also predict a quick marriage, which will contribute to the creation of a peaceful and joyful household in the future.
    grandmother knitting - you need to be more persistent and put more effort into your projects to achieve your goals and get better results.
    to see knitted clothes - you will be very happy with your family, which will give you a lot of satisfaction in your life
    prick yourself or cut yourself with a wire - an argument with a certain person will affect your personal life.

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