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Kaleidoscope in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The kaleidoscope in a dream is a reference to the childhood period. It is a symbol of unleashing blocked creativity and allows you to see the meaning of your own life from a wider perspective. Depending on a given color The kaleidoscope can also symbolize everything that is constantly changing and also an escape from all difficulties and doubts. A kaleidoscope is a very spiritual symbol representing the whole, in a dream it has a positive overtone.
    playing with a kaleidoscope - refers to the carelessness of life, which dictates not to be light-hearted about everything as this can result in severe regret later in life.
    clockwise rotation - means that you are on your way to great things when it comes to discovering yourself and your mission in your life
    anti-clockwise rotation The clock lamp - a sign that it's high time to put your life in order
    holding it - a kind of warning to be wary of prying outsiders
    many kaleidoscopes - this is a positive sign of new changes in your life.

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