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    The dream of inauguration symbolizes personal development or progress in a certain area, it means a big change in the dreamer's life. Perhaps you will meet new people, get a new job or start a new one relationship. Inauguration is also a symbol of success, it is a sign that you should enjoy your achievements. From a spiritual point of view, a dream means a new beginning.
    sight of the inauguration - it is a sign that it has come time to regain your independence
    participation in the inauguration - a sign that you will gain recognition for your achievements
    missed the inauguration - it proves that irresponsible behavior will make your dreams come true
    nice inauguration - it announces new responsibilities in the field of personal development, but also professional
    failed - you will have to make an important decision regarding the person you recently spot you stumble, it may worsen your reputation
    presidential inauguration - you will be involved in other people
    inauguration for important people - it is a sign that after a difficult period due to financial worries everything will end well
    if you are a guest at the inauguration - you will take up new challenges at work.

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