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    For a woman who dreams about imprints, a dream bodes hard for life, especially when it comes to relationships with other women. Imprints are a symbol of hard and arduous work for little pay. They reflect perseverance and the ability to negotiate tough.
    to see - a certain person will unjustifiably insult you, if you do not pay her back in time for a similar situation, the situation will definitely repeat
    have corns on your hands - you will have a secret or you will start to feel anxiety
    have on your feet - your opponents will get you into trouble with which it will be difficult for you to deal with
    step on someone's fingerprint - someone will unreasonably accuse you of affinity with your competitor
    get rid of prints, puncture them - fate will smile at you and you will manage to implement the undertaking in which you have doubted
    painful prints - someone will start conspiring against you
    prints with oil - certain affinities will start to pose a great threat to you, better give them up in time
    scratch - you may have more work to do than you expected, but you will certainly not lack creativity.

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