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    Iguana is a symbol of waiting for the right moment in life, which may turn out to be the only chance to use it. Do not reveal your opinions quite quickly, because it may is to work against you. Better to wait for the opportunity to become more favorable to you.
    if you see it - you will cleverly approach a certain matter that requires much more arduous work and effort
    basking in the sun - most often it is a harbinger of blissful moments spent with the worries and worries of everyday life
    attacker - is a sign that you may be surprised by the behavior of a person from your closest social circles, in the near future you will definitely get to know him from the worse side
    small - he announces minor unpleasantness due to ill-considered actions of people from your immediate surroundings
    big - can be a sign of laziness or avarice on the part of people who were once trustworthy
    if you see a lot - you will forget about mundane matters, thus making others will start to judge you very negatively
    killing him - it may worsen your general living conditions, your level of existence may drop rapidly.

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