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Hammock in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A hammock in dreams is a symbol of freedom, freedom and relaxation. The dream book augurs the fulfillment of life desires if only the dreamer manages to take a short break. A dream in which a hammock appears may also mean that you are still alive on the run, which means that you lack a moment to rest in life. Perhaps that is why you more and more often return your thoughts to the times when you could allow yourself many moments of blissful relaxation.

HAMMOCK - dream book:

    If you dream that you see a hammock, it is a sign that someone will offer you to spend your free time together. If you decline this offer, you may regret it later.
    If you dream in a hammock, in this case the dream interpretation explains that for the first time in your life you will feel comfortable and safe with someone.
    A broken, dirty or torn hammock sends you a message to slow down a bit as you can drift away a bit with your dreams and lose the chance in life to make a big deal without problems.
    A hammock suspended between trees foretells in dreams a period of break in intense life journeys. You will now have plenty of time to think about your actions and the decisions you've made so far.
    If you fall off it, according to the dream book, it means lost opportunities, broken ties and even health problems. For those in love, such a dream is a harbinger of an emotional crisis or emotional turmoil.
    Buying a hammock in dreams foretells that you will get tired of everyday duties as well as many stressful situations. But don't get crazy, you'd better just wait out this crazy period.
    If you lie with someone in a hammock, the dream book says that you will find a loyal friend whose support will help you in a difficult situation and will bring you many benefits.

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