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    A girl in a dream is a symbol of upbringing, caring character, love and sometimes even passivity. It is also often an erotic symbol; it indicates temptation and guilt.
    see a group of young girls - you have good contacts with the environment
    meet a group of girls - you will be exposed to gossip
    see a pregnant girl - abundance and wealth
    see a girl in white - you will find a nice protector
    kiss the young and a beautiful girl - do not be fooled by people who may expose you to ridicule and mockery
    see the old one - concerns about aging and old age or a symbol of female power
    ex-girlfriend - life complications
    crying girl - happiness in love
    dancing girl - you will meet a nice n u surprise in life
    redhead girl - discrimination and harassment from others
    see the girl working - get news from afar.

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