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Gauge in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The gauge in a dream is a symbol of all counts, calculations and summaries. The dream calls for a compromise in life, not just a perch.
    if you see a gauge in your dream - it means that you are looking for the right advice from someone that will give you a ready-made solution to your problems, be careful because you may miscalculate
    writing down the gauge - it is a sign that in a certain case you will run out of all the options to use
    cold water meter - it means that you will start cold count all your matters and you will come to very interesting conclusions
    hot water meter - means a very energetic period in your professional and personal life
    electric meter - you will make a summary of a certain stage in your life, the results will surely surprise you and chill you
    gas meter - may mean some ex tremendous journeys and events in your life, caution is always advised in this dream
    broken gauge - the balance of profits and losses will not be in your favor this time, you still have a lot to learn and improve in life, but remember that man always learns from his mistakes
    setting up a gauge - you will take actions that will have consequences in the near future
    taking off the gauge - a sign that you are missing your soul mate in your life and you are trying to find an alternative form of your fulfillment
    high value on the gauge - you will have some doubts about it, but in the end everything will end optimistic for you
    low gauge reading - you will get messages that will make you very happy.

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