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Garlic in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    In dreams, garlic generally has many meanings. It is mainly a symbol of magic and fertility, the strong smell of which has many protective properties. The garlic dream is a sign of perfect health that protects the human body and helps to overcome fear. In the oldest dream books, garlic is a warning against quarrels and unpleasant moments in everyone's life.
    In a dream, eating garlic is a sign of seeking security and stability in love, in a negative sense such a dream can be a harbinger of disaster. Such a dream can also portend quarrels in the family circle.
    The smell of garlic is a sign of unhappiness, but also that your qualities will bring you happiness in the future over time. The strong and unpleasant smell of garlic heralds quarrels and other life unpleasantness.
    Sniffing garlic in your dreams is a sign that you will get rid of your problem.
    A clove of garlic in your dreams shows that you want to protect yourself from some danger or overcome the barriers that separate you from someone else.
    Crushing garlic foretells trouble in your dreams.
    Buying garlic is a sign that you should be careful about the business you are running and be more careful when closing important financial transactions.
    Garlic added to food shows that you need to do more to properly care for your own health. A dream may also mean that you will receive food for thought.

Garlic in other cultures and dream books:

    In the Arabic dream book, the smell of garlic heralds unpleasant moments and experiences.
    In the Persian tradition, the garlic dream is a good sign on many levels of life, especially health, social standing and business. Garlic in a dream is a symbol of loyalty and joy, it is a sign of the self-confidence needed to carry out everyday life activities, it also foreshadows good times.
    In the Western tradition, garlic portends bad luck and business losses. Eating garlic in your dreams, on the other hand, is always a sign of good health and a harbinger of a great future. For the sick, such a dream portends recovery.
    The eastern tradition reveals that the garlic seen in dreams is a sign of bad habits, gossip and quarrels. Buying garlic in a dream, on the other hand, means that you will be struggling with other people in your financial transactions.

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