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Fruit in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A fruit theme in a dream usually means that in the future you will begin to make bold and meaningful decisions. In general, fruit dreams are a harbinger of wealth, they symbolize growth, abundance and financial profit. They express readiness for motherhood and fatherhood, they are also a sign of desire. You are probably concerned whether you will manage to achieve the goals you set in your life, most often of an erotic nature. A dream of fruit is a sign of wealth, the more different fruits, the greater it will be.
    Seeing the fruit means you'll have to work hard to achieve your desired goals.
    Unripe fruit is a sign that haste and disappointment can contribute to the failure of your venture.
    Ripe fruits represent fertility and conception, perhaps you are dreaming of a baby or waiting for the birth of an offspring into the world.
    Rotting or bitter fruit symbolizes deceptive pleasures and also signifies lost opportunities for development.
    Buying or eating fruit usually means that your vain efforts and fruitless efforts will prevent you from attaining your lofty goal.
    Picking fruit from the tree means that new energy will enter you, which will mobilize you to take further action.
    Dried fruit in a dream is a symbol of old age, which also refers to the lack of fertility.
    Rotten fruit is a sign of sadness, it indicates a situation or relationship that has ended prematurely, and it can also mean missing out on life opportunities.
    A tree with fruit is a sign that you will make a good deal with someone, while the fruit falling from the tree is a harbinger of misfortune.

Each fruit has its own individual meaning.

    The dream of an apple is an expression of the dreamer's immature attitude, but in a different sense it is also a harbinger of happy love and a successful business. Apricot announces that you can expect offspring in the future. A dream in which you see cranberries, blueberries or blackberries usually foreshadows difficult moments at work. The cherry dream is a positive omen that usually brings sweetness and happiness to the dreamer in his love life. According to the well-known symbolism of dreams, cherries can also foreshadow disappointments in love and troubles in family life. Except for the banana, the yellow fruit prophesies diseases and sufferings in the body.

A dream about fruit should be interpreted individually and depending on the motives appearing in it.

    The bitten fruit is a sign of delayed implementation, it also proves that you do not miss tact and diplomatic approach to many matters. If the fruit is red, you will enjoy good health and numerous pleasures. On the other hand, green and plump fruits are a harbinger of happiness and longevity in a dream. A dream in which you are picking fruit foretells a good life. The flesh of the fruit is a sign that your achievements will be delayed due to huge obstacles that will stand in your way. A bowl of fresh fruit heralds that you will enjoy a happy marriage. Eating fruit in a dream portends a good life full of abundance. Fruit ice cream, on the other hand, is an announcement of an unpaid debt.

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