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    A dream with a flag symbolizes peace, prosperity and a sense of patriotism in life.
    see the flag of your own nation - the dream indicates certain political events.
    to see the flag of another nation - you are plagued by problems of social and world importance
    waving the flag - a warning or a call for help
    white flag - you will see a better tomorrow
    red flag - means danger; maybe you want stop something by force
    black flag - prejudices and malice grow
    see the checkered flag at the finish - sleep guarantees success and a positive end to the matter
    carry the flag - you will gain the respect of the environment
    see a few flags - you will meet with great joy
    waving flags with which to decorate houses - the government of the country will be he used hard politics
    flag down half-mast - mourning; the inability to erase some life fragment from the past from the memory
    see the flag waving - you want to keep something for yourself for longer, although you know that it is not possible.

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