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Extension Cord in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An extension cord in a dream is a symbol of energy and vitality as well as strength and power, it is also an expression of self-control and the ability to communicate with other people. It is very often a warning dream that foreshadows emotional disturbances. The dream extender is also a testimony to the search for new alternatives in life that can end many life problems.
    If you see an extension cord in a dream, it is a sign that you are missing the right impulse to take the right action on a daily basis. If you want to avoid any disadvantages in life, you should be more energetic.
    A very long extension cord in a dream is an announcement that you will take a journey in the future, thanks to which you will recharge your batteries and start looking to the future with greater joy.
    Dreaming about a tangled extension cord portends life's complications and problems, as well as recoil or nervousness that will prove extremely difficult to control.
    When you dream of a broken extension cord, it means that in some case you will go ahead and go too far, all this will put you in risky and dangerous situations.
    A short circuit in the extension cord in dreams foreshadows disappointment after a passionate romance. Dream carries a message to take better care of your own life in time.
    If you dream that you have been electrocuted by touching the extension cord, it is a sign that you will experience unexpected events in your love life.

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