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    Think about your relationship with your own boss; perhaps you are too stressed because of work or other unresolved issues.
    see the executive - the dream reflects a sense of self-confidence and assertiveness or over-commitment and obsession with work
    become a executive - you will achieve what you have been striving for a long time
    talk to him - you will meet someone who will dispel your doubts on certain issues
    feel fear of the executive - do not disregard material matters and organizational
    lose the position of executive - a dream portends fear of losing power or a sense of undervaluation
    CEO - promises promotion or quick income
    bank executive - keep your secrets hidden
    factory director - foreshadowing quarrels and disputes in the family
    school principal - a big brawl will break out at work
    ballet director - you will finally find happiness in love
    director theater - a harbinger of serious financial losses.

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