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Engine in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An engine in a dream is a symbol of efficient and cyclical actions that are worth taking in life if one wants to change. It calls a person to break the current patterns of behavior that make it difficult for him progress and metamorphosis. Your current work will be the driving force for action. An engine is a kind of programmed mechanism through which we create thoughts in our head about our plans, desires and life achievements.
    see the engine - most of the decisions made in the near future will end in a disaster
    stuck in a vehicle whose engine does not work - you will face a serious decision, you should rethink everything and focus on what is most important to you
    unable to start the engine - a dream proposes failure in any situation that concerns money; after such a dream, it is primarily discouraged to take part in gambling ch or making uncertain investments
    repair the engine - initial disappointment can turn into success
    damaged engine - you will not be able to accept a certain situation longer, at best you will simply rebel
    car engine - you will find a new source from which you will get extra energy to act
    old and inefficient engine - you will not be able to foresee a problematic situation in time that will disturb your orderly life
    oil spilled in the engine - someone will deprive you of resources or tools needed to complete a certain project.

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