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    The enemy in a dream symbolizes conflicting ideas and attitudes that manifest in everyday life. It can also mean a lack of trust and self-esteem. what you have to overcome or you have the impression that you are running out of strength.
    see the enemy - you should work on greater self-confidence
    associate with him - you have an internal conflict
    eat a meal with the enemy - it's high time to face the truth and accept your own weaknesses
    if your a friend becomes your enemy - different ideas and conflicting attitudes will share you with your friend
    hear your enemy sing - soon it will be time to resolve a long-lasting conflict
    if the enemy is threatening you - if you want to be successful you need to be more enthusiastic in everyday life
    argue with the enemy - you will want to take a different direction in your life or even start it all over again
    talk to the enemy - you need to find inner harmony and finally love yourself
    reconcile with the enemy - you will renew your old acquaintance
    fight the enemy - in the near future you will have to defend your interests and values ​​
    kill the enemy - you will soon be able to overcome all difficulties
    win over the enemy - you will avoid a major catastrophe in your life
    fail with the enemy - your worries and minor difficulties will be needed because with time you will find a solution to a bigger problem
    if you are surrounded by enemies - you feel overwhelmed with your daily duties, a little rest and respite may be needed
    kiss yours enemy - against yourself accept someone's arrogance and inappropriate behavior
    have sex with the enemy - you underestimate some people around you.

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