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End of the world

    In the dream book, the end of the world reflects a radical change in the way of thinking or in the lifestyle of the dreamer. You are completely reevaluating your priorities, possibly as a result of mental shock. It is possible that you are expecting a baby or that someone's death will lead you to such conclusions. The dream of the end of the world is also a call to be more courageous in life. Alternatively, it may mean that an acquaintance that is important to you has ended.
    If you see the end of the world, it is a sign that something in your life will end. A drastic change awaits you, accompanied by a period of heightened uncertainty.
    If you are trying to escape from the end of the world, such a dream promises serious financial problems that can make you depressed. Dream may appear as a result of a belief that you have lost control of your life.
    Trying to reach your family during the end of the world reflects a constant life under pressure. Think about what is the reason for this and take appropriate steps to change it.
    If you survive the end of the world foreshadows positive changes in the dreamer's life. It is a harbinger of the end of a difficult journey and an announcement of an improvement in living conditions.

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