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    The ellipse that appears in a dream is a method of communication with the physical world and a way by which we can discover our inner spiritual plane.
    view of an ellipse - a sign that a lot will change in your life soon, but do not be afraid of stormy changes and do not make too hasty decisions
    ellipse shape - symbolizes various types of limitations that will affect your near future, think about it, maybe someone will try to change the shape of your current life or subjugate you
    when you touch it - the dream foretells numerous understatements and changes in previously made decisions
    drawing it - it is a sign that you are looking for new impressions and diversions in your life, maybe your life seems too much at the present level gloomy and gray
    blurred ellipse - it is a prediction that someone will limit your area of ​​operation or it will deprive you of your current power, but do not let yourself be incapacitated, because you may ultimately not keep your position
    learning about it - it proves that due to the current life situation, you will make a series of unforeseen decisions with which you will ultimately be very happy.

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