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    The elevator in a dream reflects the ease with which we are able to make various choices in life. Moreover, it indicates the ability to control our emotions. Sleep also indicates the ability to solve problems, especially if we show a bit of commitment and effort.
    take the elevator up - increasing your own status and wealth, sleep can also mean increasing your own awareness and seeing things from a different point of view vision than usual
    take the old elevator up - you don't know how to deal with a new situation, position or power
    take the elevator down - it bodes failures and misfortunes, a dream can also mean a return to reality
    ride the elevator up and down - sleep is a sign of life's ups and downs, it symbolizes those emotions and thoughts that are constantly overwhelming you, alternatively it can be sexual
    stuck between floors in an elevator - you feel that you are at a standstill, you have to do something with your life to regain in time what you recently lost
    not working - you will lose control of your emotions and live in constant limbo
    to be there with your family - the dream indicates unresolved family matters, you should talk to each person you dreamed of and thoroughly explain any disagreements
    crowded elevator - you will start competing with someone for a better position, be cautious and act with reserve.

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