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    Electricity dream symbolizes life force and energy. Some area of ​​your life is more active now.
    see electric sparks - you will be sobered up after a passionate romance
    electric light - sleep is the voice of your own subconscious mind; be careful, you may find yourself in mortal danger
    to see the flow of electricity in a dream - an intoxicating romance awaits you that will end in disappointment for you
    to be electrified - a harbinger of unexpected erotic experiences
    to be at the power plant or visit it - an important meeting awaits you
    to be an employee of the power plant - you have a very important and responsible role to play fulfillment
    get electrocuted - you should stay alert
    electrical device - still e once think about your priorities and define what is most important to you
    electric wires - someone will seriously harm you.

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