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    An echo in a dream is a symbol of the soul. It is also very often a reminder to confront old problems and memories as they may come back. Echo is also a sign of great power and influence, it can mean that on some point you will move too far away from others and eventually you will have to withdraw. Although echo is associated with sound, spiritually it is a measure of the importance of important areas of life. Echo is a powerful sign, it is a message that it is worth being open to people and the world around us. Echo is also a symbol of great emotions, it also indicates the spiritual needs of the dreamer.
    If in a dream you are screaming to hear an echo, there is no need to express your thoughts with a scream, better try to present your point of view in a different way and start listening to what others are saying to you and everything will be fine.
    A dream in which you hear a strange echo is a sign that a large dose of stress makes you stop listening to your inner needs and desires, now is the time to appreciate life for the joy and small pleasures it offers you.
    When you hear your own echo in a dream, it is a sign that you will make some important decision or finally do something that you have not been able to do for a long time.
    If you hear someone else's echo in your dream, it is a sign that your life is going to experience major changes full of potential that will make you face a difficult choice.
    If someone responds to your echo in a dream, then you can expect to meet people who will change your point of view and help you regain lost opportunities.
    When you dream that you hear an echo in the forest, it is a sign of isolation and a sense of isolation in your life.

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