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    The earthworm in a dream is a symbol of the fruits of the earth, regeneration and transformation. which provides essential nutrients. The dream of the worm indicates a bad time that will end someday. Sleep also bears witness to the ruthless nature by which we alienate other people and thus make many enemies.
    see the earthworm - you will not convince people only with wealth
    see earthworms after the rain - through your own greed your contacts with the environment will deteriorate
    hook the worm as bait - you will follow your own path in life no matter what.
    see many earthworms - people around you will stand very arrogant towards you, but your son the financial situation will give you a significant advantage over them
    the earthworm wrapping around your body - the success you want to achieve in life will turn out to be much greater than you planned at the very beginning
    to see a child holding an earthworm - false rumors will lead to big financial losses.

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