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    The ear in the context of the interpretation of sleep is a direct message from our subconscious mind regarding the information we need. We need to open up to guidance and help from other people. Alternatively sleep indicates that we rely too much on our intuition and judgment. In addition, it also means immaturity and inexperience. Sometimes the ear can express our sexual needs.
    see - listen closely to what the environment thinks about you and you will surely learn many interesting things
    to whisper something in someone's ear - you need to listen carefully to the advice given to you or pay more attention to someone close to you
    to be pulled by the ear - a dream foreshadows misunderstandings in the near future; alternatively it is an admonition to keep a given word
    pull someone by the ear - a bad decision of a loved one people will cause you many difficulties and worries
    speak to a deaf man - your actions will fail
    be deaf - someone will take advantage of your trust
    pain ear - you will receive bad news or become the object of gossip
    clean it - you will not listen to advice or suggestions from the environment and you will do well
    clogged ears - you will face tremendous injustice
    to have big ears - you will hear something you did not want; the dream indicates that you should take better care of your own affairs
    see someone with big ears - the dream admonishes you to be careful what you say as it could be used against to you
    little ears - a sign that you are not very respected
    pierced ears - indicate a tendency to perversion
    with an earring - you want to climb to the heights of some social group, be careful because it may cost you the loss of your family life
    red - announcement an embarrassing situation that will make you feel guilty
    ears with a strange shape - you will fall victim to a scammer.

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