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    Dumplings in our dreams are a symbol of tradition, family and cordial relations with people close to our hearts. In some situations, dumplings may indicate a problem related to the fight for one's own health.
    to see - if you want to keep balance in your life, you need to take care of your own health
    eat dumplings - someone strongly wants to destroy your happiness
    make or wrap - you will get into incorrect flirting
    to fry the dumplings - you need to work on your relationship with loved ones
    serve dumplings - the dream expresses the need for company
    unsavory dumplings - the nearest period of your life will be intensified by quarrels and misunderstandings with your loved ones
    dumplings with cabbage - the dream reflects your full commitment to everything you do
    dumplings with meat - zc but you will start regretting the recent decision.
    dumplings with mushrooms - you will regain control over negative emotions overflowing you
    dumplings with cheese - yours your loved ones will support you financially
    Russian dumplings - you can expect interesting news from your relatives
    dumplings with strawberries - you will start to enjoy from being with loved ones.

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