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    Drying in your sleep means that you will make changes in your life that will lead you to the old state of the past. You cannot accept the new situation in which you happen to be find in life, you want to make up for old mistakes and you miss your former existence. Don't count on turning back time and some things may still take their old course.
    dry - if you want to repair everything that has been damaged, a little effort should guarantee your success
    dry your hair - act on a grand scale and do not postpone anything for later what you will do today no you will have to do tomorrow
    dry your clothes - the opinion of a friendly and understanding person will greatly strengthen the sense of your worth and allow you to achieve your goal
    see the laundry drying on a string - you will feel the blissful joy of living harmony and stability
    dry a wet animal - someone will reach out to you and do you a favor.

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