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    Drinking in a dream reflects our daily experiences, it is a sign that a lot is happening in our life at the moment. In a negative context, sleep indicates a lack of moderation in a certain matter or doing something to our own disadvantage. Sometimes a dream may indicate that we are really thirsty for something.
    quench our thirst - a sign of a general improvement in our life situation
    unable to quench your thirst - sleep foretells health problems
    water - you will experience spiritual refreshment
    drink cold water - your well-being will improve significantly
    drink warm water - certain circumstances will disturb your good prospects for the future
    drink ice water - announcement of a hot romance
    drinking coffee - make a fruitful transaction
    drink milk - you will experience moments of doubt, alternatively, a dream may indicate mending the relationship with the environment
    drink alcohol - people in your circle will have bad intentions towards you
    drink wine - drinking wine in a dream is a symbol of divine power or a lack of responsibility in real life
    drink extravagant drinks - you will fall into a spiral of debt
    drink vinegar - you will become helpless in the fight against a fierce enemy who has many followers
    drink oil - disease will not miss you
    drink olive oil - your enemies will put you in great danger
    drink from the glass - you will have unpleasant duties
    drink gold chalice - you will be dealing with an intrusive man
    drink in moderation - remember that slandering others can harm your position.

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