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    Drawing in a dream is an expression of a creative mind and hidden artistic abilities. If you want to make your dreams come true, you must first be more creative in life. Try to take the lead on with your own life, so that other people don't suddenly startle you. If the colors in the picture are bright - then you can expect joyful and pleasant days, and if the picture is dominated by dark colors - you will have to deal with dangerous situations in life. it is also a sign of talent and a subconscious need to create.
    see the drawing - someone will awaken your enthusiasm for work and make you take on new challenges in life
    own drawing - if you are not more effective in your actions, your initiative will eventually stall
    someone else's drawing - your arguments will not reach the person which has long been n It is not closed to hearing
    admire it - a certain message will fall on you like a bolt from the blue and will require immediate action
    unfinished drawing - lack of decisiveness will delay making an important decision, which will prove to be crucial for your creative activity.
    ancient drawing - you will regain balance in your life, thanks to which you will achieve spiritual harmony.

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