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    A dream about drawing is usually grounded in a creative approach to life. You try to participate every day in the mission of creating your own world. The space you create around you must constantly evolve change because otherwise the world becomes not very interesting for you. The desire to discover your talent is a driving force for you to take up daily challenges and new initiatives.
    draw something - someone will draw you into the complex a story that will completely ruin your image
    seeing someone draw something - a dream is a symbol of inner emotions and desires that you will place in your daily existence
    drawing a portrait - you will give yourself false hopes that will make you stand still and keep moving forward
    buying drawing tools - you are tired of everyday a routine that makes you feel limited
    draw ob once smearing it - you need a rest, thanks to which you could recharge your batteries
    get dirty with graphite - someone will cheat you at the beginning of your relationship.

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