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    The drama in a dream is often associated with the social life of a person, it is a symbol of spiritual essence and reconciliation. Playing a drama in a dream generally represents a certain stage in the dreamer's personal life.
    writing a drama - is usually an announcement of the dreamer's emotional problems
    watching a drama - it is a sign that you have the ability to express your feelings and emotions appropriately, perhaps that's why people see you as a good leader
    starring in a drama - dream means frustration with making many risky choices in life, which can prove difficult and costly this time
    reading a drama - is an announcement that if you do unwanted tasks, you may run into big problems in your life
    if you don't like the drama - do not be afraid, a certain person is not trying to destroy you, but only competing with you
    to be tired with drama - it is a sign that contrary to what other people say about you, you will show your creative abilities
    feeling a drama - it is a positive dream that proposes a quick solution to important matters and temporary difficulties that will soon end.

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