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    A donkey dream symbolizes the ability to make important decisions in life and reluctance to cooperate with the environment. It is also separation and lack of constancy in feelings. It is a sign of patience, which You should not overestimate and servant work, perhaps you feel that you are overloaded with duties or stressed A donkey appearing in a dream also symbolizes manual work and leadership skills, you will probably soon discover the gift of persuading people and drawing them to your side.
    to see - quarrels and disputes
    to be thrown or fall off the donkey - afraid of being caught in some illegal activity or dishonest ventures
    get kicked by a donkey - watch what you say because at some point your words could be used against you
    buy a donkey - you better plan what you spend s my finances, bad management of your wallet has never turned out to be good for anyone
    get a donkey - you will rise to the heights of your abilities and surprise your disloyal associates
    ride it - you are on a bumpy road to achieve your goal; the sooner you want to achieve it, the more certain things will distance you from it
    lead the donkey - you will win the favor of the person you care about very much
    roaring donkey - your actions will lead you nowhere
    loaded - before you achieve success you will have to undertake a long and arduous journey, your fate will smile at you and your worries, that caused you problems will pass for good
    beat a donkey - you have no pity for your loved ones, you are too rough for them, you better change your attitude if you want to maintain good and free relationships
    dead ass - you act in an immoral way, may you never regret it
    feed him - you will show grace and help the person who does not deserve
    white donkey - heralds success and wealth.

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