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Don juan

    Don Juan in a dream is a symbol of falsehood and diversity, it means the desire to be in the center of attention. Think about it, maybe something is missing in your life. So try to use every moment to live your happiness. Sleep can also be the result of mental stress.
    seeing him - it is a sign that monotonous life will prove unacceptable to you if you do not find a new perspective, so you will have to implement some changes from time to time
    being one - is a sign of a thirst for power
    talking to Don Juan - you will be disappointed with someone who will deceive you
    when a woman dreams of him - the dream portends a flirtation that will end fatally
    when a man dreams of him - a woman you believe will deceive you and take advantage of you
    if he is in a relationship with several women - better beware of the fake people around you
    choosing Don Juan - means that you are looking for comfort in life or that you want to spend time with people around you
    when a loved one becomes a don Juan - you will become addicted to the material comforts that life will offer you
    talking to him - means that you have been wanting freedom for some time, so think about why you are holding back from freeing yourself from the shackles that these other people put on
    young and handsome Don Juan - the pleasures and the life of luxury will begin to matter to you
    old Don Juan - you want to dominate others and you constantly use others for your own interests
    deceased - better leave behind people who limit your potential and constantly drag you down.

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