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    Division in a dream can be an announcement of a split with friends or relatives. Dream can also be a warning against the bad influence of outsiders who bring into life unnecessary confusion and chaos So if you notice unusual behavior in your environment, try to react to it as soon as possible.
    division of the land - it is a sign that you will face very serious changes in your life, which will involve with your future
    shareholding - a sign that your fate may take a completely different course than you think, so better think about what you are going to do before you lose control of everything completely
    division of money - may be evidence of impending financial problems
    numerous divisions - evidence of the dreamer's lack of maturity in relation to delicate issues in life
    a division that did not materialize - this is t most often a sign of failed or broken negotiations
    unfair division - a sign that for some reason you feel more aggrieved than others
    division into groups - means that you will be pigeonholed in your profession and in the long run it will be difficult for you to change it.

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