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    Dividend is a dream symbol of wealth and possible financial gains.
    payment of dividends - meeting with a certain man it will become an inspiration for you to act and with time even a challenge
    high dividend - means that there will be people interested in helping you increase your wealth
    low dividend - you will receive a moral lesson from life
    lose it - you will be ready to accept worse financial conditions in some institution
    dividend return - a sign that you will share your phonance means with someone
    stolen - sleep warns you not to lose vigilance even for a moment in your life, because you can stay deceived and your hard-earned money will be used by others
    suddenly disappearing dividend - it is a warning that you should watch out for others and take appropriate precautionary measures in a certain situation sooner
    dividend reward - from the point of view of psychology, the dream encourages the dreamer to seek what is most important in his life, perhaps it is about o usually things that are taken for granted
    risking a dividend on the stock exchange - the dream calls to increase your awareness in life and try to be more reasonable every day
    dividend on account - you will get a reward that you will work hard for.

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