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    Dive in dreams is quite rare, usually indicates the emotional instability of the dreamer. It also indicates a number of unresolved issues and a problem with self-esteem, on the one hand you really care about the good opinion of other people, and on the other hand, you take a number of actions that usually have the opposite effect.
    view of the dive - this is a sign to be careful, because someone is spreading false rumors on your topic
    if you do not know whether to enter it - your social status is at risk
    being in it - announces, that you will lose the trust of your superiors
    getting drunk in her - heralds that someone will probably cheat you
    with a lot of people - you want to attract someone's attention at all costs, watch out because the end of this story may be completely different than you think
    empty - you will be screwed follow unresolved conflicts.

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