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According to Western tradition, dirt in a dream is an omen of illness, trouble and an omen of a difficult period in the dreamer's life. Sometimes it can be interpreted in a positive sense. The dirty dream is a warning that only making numerous changes in your life at the same time can guarantee your success. The dream interpretation reveals that dirt is also a sign of internal blockage, worry, emotional instability and a sense of imprisonment. Black dirt is a dream symbol of numerous struggles and troubles.

The meaning of the dream of dirt:

If you see dirt in a dream, it means that you will meet a friend who will lie to you or who will soon get married. This type of dream may also indicate that you will be on a successful journey in the future. Fresh dirt in your dreams means you will soon take cunning actions.

The dream of getting dirty with ground tells you that you will stop following your own moral principles and start blindly following others. However, you have to reckon with the fact that you will eventually have to become responsible for your decisions and actions.

Dirty shoes in a dream are a sign that you will experience disgrace in your life or that you will be affected by disease.

Dirty water portends only sorrows in the dreamer's life, is a symbol of misfortune and prompts to make the necessary changes in life. Taking dirt out of the water means that those to whom you owe money will pressure you to pay off the existing debts.

Dirt flowing down the hill in dreams is a harbinger of happiness in the family. Your relationships with loved ones will soon be repaired, making you feel as you used to.

If someone is throwing dirt on you in a dream, it is a sign that a certain person will question your opinion or try to damage your reputation.

Dream about dirty clothes:

Historically, a dream of getting dirty on the body or clothes portends illness or worry in the near future. It is also a sign that trying to hide or cover up your own actions will be in vain. Dirty clothes can also mean that you are unknowingly failing someone you care about very much.

Dream interpretation dirt at home:

A dirty house in a dream is a very bad sign for a dreamer, portending misunderstandings, skirmishes, crossing straight roads, malicious rumors and diseases. If you do not meet the problems that will stand in your way, you will irretrievably lose something you have worked for for many years.

Dream interpretation dirt on the floor:

A dream about a dirty floor foretells numerous misunderstandings and envy in the dreamer's life. Walking through dirt is a bad sign, it is generally a harbinger of disease and big trouble. According to the dream book, dirt on the floor that you cannot clean is a sign of persistent conflicts, abuse and general disharmony in everyday life.

Dream interpretation dirty man:

Dreaming of a dirty man is a sign of fear of poverty, it also foretells useless expenses and the occurrence of serious complications in the dreamer's life. If you dream that you are covered in dirt yourself, it is a sign that you will start following other people's advice. Perhaps to some extent you are not very comfortable with your own visions and beliefs. The dirty person in a dream also announces that you will feel undervalued because of your low self-esteem. This type of dream may also reflect your own fears.

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