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    Dinosaurs in dreams are a symbol of the past, hidden desires and outdated attitudes, they can also reflect old habits and habits. This is especially true when past problems tend to recur. Dream can also represent the immense power of your unconscious, important spiritual forces, and a hidden passion for history. A dinosaur in a dream is a generally positive sign. It symbolizes an antiquated way of thinking inadequate to the present day. It also represents a powerful, paralyzing fear that we are unable to face. A dream can represent a time in which the dreamer will confront his fears and grow stronger in order to successfully deal with negative emotions and extreme materialism and gain more freedom.
    see a dinosaur - a sign that you will unnecessarily impose various types of restrictions on yourself
    running away from him - shows that the old problems will come back and haunt you again
    killing a dinosaur - means that you will try to overcome your weaknesses, you will face a situation that will make you fear
    dinosaur mating - a sign that you cannot come to terms with the upcoming changes
    dinosaur exhibition - announces that you will get involved in a great undertaking that will not bring you any benefits
    if a dinosaur is chasing you - a sign that you are concerned about the upcoming changes that may contribute to your imminent demise
    if you are a caveman - old problems will return against your will and you will have to deal with them, even if it seems quite problematic, you will have to persevere in your decisions and your effort will certainly bring you the expected results
    killing a dinosaur - is a message that you should never give up in life in any situation, a dream also bodes the closure of a chapter from the past
    many dinosaurs - means you should give up your old habits and ways of thinking
    dinosaur bones - prophesy happiness in love; if you collect bones - you may lose a close friend; bones stacked on a pile - can mean death in the family
    if you feel the presence of a dinosaur - then the dream symbolizes suppressed unconscious thoughts and feelings, including fear
    tyrannosaurus - says that you will have a lot of difficulties in your waking life, so it's high time to start enjoying the present.

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