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    The dream of digging is the announcement that only by working hard you will be able to discover the truth about a problem that is bothering you. Perhaps you have already made an attempt to get to the source of the problem and you are one step away from solving it.
    digging a pit - is a reference to the insult
    digging a hole - is a sign that you do not appreciate what you have, if you continue to close yourself to relationships with loved ones you will lose the only contacts you still have
    pond digging - no matter how you try in some case you will lose and you will have to compromise
    digging up the plastic - means that your beliefs and values ​​won't change
    digging earth - you will get into big trouble
    digging a trench - means that thanks to an ingenious person your existence will shine
    if without a problem you dug down w - in some situation you will have more luck than your wits
    if you are in a dug hole - your opponents will bring you some misfortune
    finding something while digging a hole - means that your investment is safe
    if you dig a hole and find nothing in it - a dream bodes hard to live in misery full of various difficulties
    if the dug hole fills with water - despite the effort, nothing will go your way
    if you dig in the ground you find mollusks, e.g. earthworm - you will find features that you will want to quickly change.

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